Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The glamour of pregnancy

I feel like it's been forever since I posted yet again! Time continues to move at a warp speed as we count down the weeks - soon to be the days - until my due date! Every day I am reminded by both the calendar and my ginormous belly that I AM SO FRIGGIN' PREGNANT.

We have been so busy around the house it's amazing! Well, I throw the "we" around a bit loosely, since I mostly do a short burst of organization or cleaning followed by a bit of time with my feet up. :) Rob has been great in general, and my parents have been coming by on the weekends to whip the place into shape. I am such a horrible housekeeper. Truly. But the house is looking great and I'm feeling less panicked about everything, at least.

Unfortunately, my blood pressure was high at my midwife appointment last week. Well, not exactly high - but "borderline," and only the top number. I had a follow up yesterday where the levels were just about the same. This sucks. It puts into doubt being able to deliver the way we had hoped. I hate that there's nothing I can do to fix it. I also really hate that my stupid body didn't want to get pregnant, and now it can't be pregnant correctly.

So the glamourous part of this whole equation is the screening for pre-eclampsia I am enjoying today: the 24-hour urine collection. Just as fabulous as it sounds, especially when you're at work! I have a nice cooler for my bottle of pee that I bring to the bathroom with me each time. It's very subtle.

I am mad at my body today. I really hope my urine is clear of protein and we can roll through the rest of this pregnancy without having to plan inductions or c-sections, etc. I'm not even in the mood to post pictures, so there. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The little stinker

I am not generally a nervous person. I worry a bit but am usually able to shake things off before dwelling too long. But of course, being someone's mom means worrying, so I had to come up with something to freak out about this pregnancy. And that came to a head this week in my worries about how often the baby is moving.

It seems like most people I hear from had very active babies. This one has been a lot more on the laid-back end of things (not that I have anything to directly compare it to, of course). But towards the end of last week and into the weekend, I noticed the baby was really quiet. I wasn't actively panicking, but it was something at the back of my mind. When I went in for a midwife appointment on Tuesday afternoon, I was asked how things were going, and I mentioned I was a little concerned. And kind of...cried. In a very dignified way, of course. Just the merest whisper of little tears leaking out. (you see, I am a crier. I have a way of tearing up when people look at me the way she was, all concerned.) So it was suggested that I go across the hall to the OB's office for a NST and an ultrasound. To which I replied, "Well...I feel silly...do you think I'm being silly?" More leakage. She wrote the paperwork out and away I went.

I have since found out a NST is a non-stress fetal test. You sit in a dentist-like chair with two probes on your belly: one where the baby's heartbeat can be read, and another right in the middle that apparently measures contractions. I had to look this up afterwards. :) You're instructed to push a button when the baby moves. And they leave you to obsess about movement, mine lasted 20 minutes. You could be like me and my little stinker - and not get to push the button at all, because the baby doesn't move. Which prompts a lady to come in and look all concerned and say "No movement at all?"

So I was taken to the ultrasound room in my trying-not-to-cry state. I was given a little chocolate bar to spur the baby along. Bribery starts early in these parts! Of course, the baby again was just chilling but not really moving. S/he was apparently "practice breathing," though, which is a good sign we're getting ready to go! After a few tense moments, the baby flexed and moved its hand and did a little jiggy movement.

WHEW. I then went back to the midwife for a wrap-up and found out things looked good, despite the reactions of the tech.

And I feel extra silly for worrying. :) But I got to see the baby, who is head down and measuring on track! I guess there's a pretty nice upside.

Friday, March 11, 2011

What's in there?

So as I get closer to the end, I find myself pondering whether we'll be having a son or daughter. I'm still glad we didn't find out - particularly that I received lots of yellow and green at the shower, ha! - I'm starting to get a little impatient. Everyone has an opinion! As I write this, the poll here on the blog is 10:9 for girl. The baby pool my mom and sister organized say 32:20 boy. But in the interest of science, I looked up some of the wives' tales on gender prediction so I can share with you all!

Q: Carrying high or low?
A: Oh my gosh, if this were true this would be the girliest girl ever, because the baby is high!

Q: Heartrate - above or below 140 beats per minute?
A: I think almost every time it's checked we're right around 140! Maybe a bit higher, which supposedly means a girl.

Q: Cravings - sweet or salty?
A: Another that would mean a girly-girl, because it's been sweets all the way!

Q: Chinese Birth Chart - age of mother and month of conception.
A: 30 at conception, and I guess technically conceived in August? (These are always odd, I mean, with the IVF the egg was fertilized in May, actually, but then frozen and implanted in August...) If I use May, it's a girl. If I use August, it's a boy. :)

Q: Mayan Sex Predictor - age of mother and year of conception, odd or even?
A: Both are even, so that means girl. (apparently if it's one of each, it's a boy)

Q: If you put a key in front of me, do I pick up the big part or the thin part?
A: We did this at a party a few months ago, actually. I picked up the round part, so that is supposed to mean a boy. (some of these are so scientific!) Which is kind of the opposite of what you'd think. Or maybe that's just me...but I would think the long, thin part would be a boy. :)

Q: Breaking out, swollen nose, etc.
A: I don't think I look much different than before I got pregnant (my skin actually cleared up!), so that is another indication of a boy, because girls "steal their mothers beauty!" Ha, awesome. Mom, you're still beautiful and you had two girls. :)

Q: Morning sickness?
A: Wow, these predictors really think carrying a girl is a bitch! But since I had smooth sailing the whole time, that's a boy indicator.

Q: Where's the weight going - all over or just in front?
A: This one makes me happy, and it is probably the wives' tale I hear the most from people. I haven't put on much weight except the belly, so that is supposed to indicate a boy.

Q: Leg hair growth - faster or the same as before pregnancy?
A: The same, if not slower. Thank goodness, because it's hard to reach! Girl.

Q: Cold feet? (literally)
A: Nope, no difference. Theoretically a girl.

Okay, last one! There are a million out there! Here's a nice off-the-wall one.
Q: Do you eat the heel of the bread?
A: No, I have always hated the heel of the bread. So must be a girl!

Our grand total for this little exercise is 7:4 for a girl. :) I suspect the more you answer, the closer it gets to 50%, of course, with my vast knowledge of statistics. (um, total joke)

I also get asked a lot what I think. For some reason, I have always thought of this baby as a girl. It's not a preference or anything I can point to as having a logical base or even a moment I began thinking so - it's just what I think. Maybe because it's funny to think of having a penis inside me for 9 months. HA, I'm a riot. I was so sure it was a girl for a while I actually sat up in bed one morning and said to myself "Self, this could just as easily be a boy!" which was kind of a shocker. So now I have to keep reminding myself of that. I honestly don't have a preference, though!

Anyway, back to work. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I had my shower this weekend! I am a very spoiled girl. :) It was such a lovely event. I walked in and teared up - it was amazing how many people were there. My mom, sister, and friends Kyla and Angela made the room look absolutely beautiful! Sometimes I am totally overwhelmed with how my people "get" me. It was all done with yellow and green (my top two colors), the hanging onesies featured a few of my favorites (frogs! turtles!), and the centerpieces had rocks in them. Um...perfect! The whole thing made me feel so special and loved. Not to mention the gifts! I am bowled over by how generous everyone was. This baby is set!

So the two showers definitely spurred a panic attack in me that we NEED to get the house squared away! It has been so busy since, getting the gear assembled and the nursery organized. I guess I'm nesting! :) Everyone has been so wonderful to help, too. My parents and my sister and her boyfriend have been over every day for a week helping with the furniture, cleaning, organizing, etc. I feel so lucky to have this baby be so loved already!

I am 32 weeks pregnant. I am huge. I feel pretty good, but this baby is riding so high that I feel a little squished in there! But I'm moving around well and just trying to slow time a bit before the big event. I can't even fathom how things will be changing. In less than 2 months time.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cakewrecks.com is the best, isn't it? I am sad to report this was NOT my shower cake. I had a boring old ice cream cake for my work shower this week. If you know me, this would be obvious as sarcasm, because ice cream cakes are my favorite! (Gosh, can a pregnant lady pick a favorite cake? I kind of feel bad saying that, because I am an equal-opportunity cake lover!) So I had a work shower this week and it was so sweet! I was really touched by the effort everyone put in and how they took time out of their days to celebrate. People were very generous - I got most of the accessories that match the crib bedding, which is cuter than I remember! It was funny to have guys there watching me open gifts. :)

What else is new this week? Rob was away last weekend and I spent the nights at my parents' house. It was a nice break - I was pampered. I also used the gift certificate from Rob for a prenatal massage, which was wonderful! What a thoughtful husband (and I only had to hint one time!). It was funny when he got back - he said that, when he left, I certainly looked pregnant. But when he got back, he said it was unbelievable, or some such adjective you don't generally hope to hear applied to your belly. I got a good laugh over that one!

I had my first appointment with the midwife in the new practice this week, and that went well! I have gained another pound, putting me at 18. I have enjoyed the comments from people that it's all belly, though. :) I do fit into pre-pregnancy clothes with the exception of this beachball in front!

I've been reading lots of books and blogs on natural birth, etc. Although I know there is a line of where I have too much information and psych myself out, I feel better being prepared. And I love reading birth stories - the good and the bad.

So that's about it! I'm feeling good and the baby has been active this week. Time is flying by! I am starting to get pretty frantic about fixing up the nursery and getting the house all set (I am an absolutely terribly housekeeper). I just know April will be here before we know it!