Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I am trying to be better about updating! I guess I just feel a little silly when there isn't anything super-exciting to report! Things here have been really good lately. April is growing so fast and doing so well! We're just coming off such an awesome weekend. Lots of time with friends outside, which is perfect for late-August. The mornings have been so dark and have a bit of a chill, which spurs me to want to enjoy every minute we have left of summer. It's cooled off enough that I'm able to take some long walks with the stroller. We can add a rock at Lincoln Woods (a local state park where there is a very hilly, paved, 2.5-mile path around a big lake) to the places I've breastfed April!

I just dribbled coffee milk on my shirt and tried to wipe it with a tissue. It left fuzzy streaks on my boob, as if I was mauled by dryer lint.

One of the dogs (I would suspect Mini) peed on April's playmat sometime between 10:30 last night and 5:30 this morning. I smelled it when I was pumping. Not happy.

Speaking of the dogs, April is in love with them! I feel like she might smile more for them than me. :) We took a video of her laughing at them playing the other day. I however can not figure out how to open the videos I download? Incidentally, on that video Rob says how "f@#!ing cute" April is. Way to document a parenting fail, hun! :)

She's starting to go to bed earlier and I'm getting jealous of all the time Rob gets to spend with her during the day. I feel like the time I get with her is mostly cranky-time.

I don't know why I enjoy washing cloth diapers so much. It makes me a little ashamed.

Speaking of cloth diapers, there is a giveaway on a baby deals site I love. They really run some awesome specials! http://www.ecobabybuys.com/blog/?p=303

I would think it very interesting socialogically to look at the pages I've "liked" on Facebook and the people/places I'm following on Twitter in the past almost-four months as compared to my entire time on them prior. Baby blogs, mom groups, diaper shops...

Monday, August 8, 2011

We have a roller!

April rolled over this weekend! Friday night to be exact. I was at my parents' house for our weekly fish-and-chips ritual. I was letting April air her little butt out, because we're finally back to cloth diapers after the yeast debacle and I had her in a small sized BumGenius. Lo and behold, she does not fit in a small size! EEEEK. So big! Hence the red marks in the photos.

Anyway, she's been teasing us with almost-rolling or rolling while we're on the bed with her (and the blanket or pillow makes a little ramp to help her). But this was the complete unaided roll! I didn't have my video camera (ironically, since I have several minutes of her almost-rolling!)

I'm sorry Rob was at work, but I'm glad I was around to see it. So as of August 5, 2011, April will not necessarily stay where I put her. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Catching up on progress pictures

As seems to be a trend right now, we've been taking pictures of April for each month with cute little stickers on her onesie. I thought I'd post the ones we've done so far to catch up!

This week, April is a massive crankpot! I'm not sure if it's teething or if she's catching something - but holy moly is she unpleasant. :) Last night was the first night since I've been back to work that she hasn't slept well. I'm a bit of a zombie, but it makes me realize how lucky I've been to have such a good sleeper.