Monday, January 24, 2011

Plugging along!

Greetings from the Arctic Tundra! My car thermometer said "-7" this morning. It is COLD. And more snow is expected tomorrow. We've been whalloped this winter and it's only January! This weather blows for all of us. But since this is my blog and it's all about me, let me say it is pretty rotten to be pregnant now! I want to get outside SO BAD. I feel totally cabin-crazed and shuttered up inside and I want to go do something! I have been craving walking with the little aches and pains I have, but everything is so icy and there are no sidewalks. The dogs have already pulled me down once with the ice and my not-so-stellar balance.

We have been going to Lincoln Woods on the weekends to get out, though. It helps! They plow the big paved road around the lake and it's so nice to get some exercise in. It gets dark too early to do that during the week now, though. I hate winter!

Everything else is going well! I had a doctor appointment two weeks ago and things are looking fine! I passed my gestational diabetes test - yay me! With the PCOS and weight I am at a higher risk, so making it through without GD is an accomplishment! Yay me. :) Less impressive is my total weight gain...11 pounds. Now, I KNOW I'm pregnant and I'm supposed to gain weight. I am actually not a person who freaks out about weight. I guess I was just really hoping to gain as little as possible. They say when you're overweight before you get pregnant, to try to keep weight gain between 15-20 lbs. Gaining 11 by 24 weeks does not seem very on-track. But oh well. I'm trying!

Speaking of food, no weird cravings or anything. I like to eat but there hasn't been anything I MUST HAVE. :) I'm sure Rob is thankful to not have to run out at all hours to buy me pickles, etc.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Already taking over!

We've been lucky enough to receive a few presents from our registry - thanks to Mom and Dad (I can't pin them down on what they want the baby to call them, so we'll stick with what I call them) and my good friend Jon! As a result, our not-terribly-large downstairs dining room is being taken over by baby stuff.

If you were to figure out the footprint of all the items on my registry, how much living area would be left for Rob, myself, and three dogs?

This post doesn't really have much of a point besides to present some cute photos of Rob the Assembler and Mini the Pack-and-Play Poacher.

Also, a random thought: it's awesome when you're the only one in the office so you can listen to Pandora Radio kinda loud (Oh! You Pretty Things is on right now) and allow for pregnancy-related gaseous emissions to flow as nature intended.

And one more thing! Prenatal yoga is the best thing ever. I still feel really good but was feeling kind of stretched-out and a bit off-balance this week. Well, good timing for some yoga! Once you get over the hippie-dippy parts, like "Breathe into your baby" and "Caress your baby through your belly" (um, the word "caress" is so bawdy romance novel to me for some reason - a little too reminiscent of loins and smoldering passion to be baby-related), it is glorious.

Okay, that's it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2011 to all my friends and family!! Gosh, I can't believe the new year is here already. THE year. Stuff just got very real, peeps. I know how silly it sounds (it makes more sense in my head!), but I was putting off a lot of serious decisions and planning until "after the holidays." We need to figure out so many details - particularly how my company will allow me to handle leave and scheduling after the baby. And what we'll do with the baby while working.

I really have no idea what we're going to do.

But, on the less stressful front, it was a wonderful holiday! The picture is me on Christmas Day, so at 22 weeks. Of course, I'm behind on pictures but this weekend will be 24 weeks. That sounds momentous to me for some reason, so I will really try to remember!

New Year's was nice, despite a different vibe from previous years! We went out to dinner with some wonderful friends, then spent a bit at a local bar with friends, and were home for the ball drop at midnight. To see out the last year we'll be a family of two. Whoa. That's deep.

I posted my photo and was puzzling over how huge my feet look. I just remembered that's because I am wearing Rob's slippers. :)